Animal Communication


Animal Communication is the sharing of feelings between animals and humans on an intuitive level.  Animals are extraordinarily sensitive and are continually responding to our moods, thoughts and emotions.   In contrast, humans usually interact through a screen of mental noise and thinking, thereby entirely missing this deeper level of intuitive communication.  

By learning to quieten our minds and connect with their feelings we can listen clearly to our animals and become aware of our impact on them.  Animal communication allows us to become closer to our pets and  to help them on an emotional and spiritual level.


Animal communication is particularly helpful for

•Deepening your understanding of your animal

•Identifying the cause of anxiety, aggression and fear-based problems

•Emotional and behavioural issues

•Explaining puzzling behaviour or changes in behaviour

•Helping animals move on from bereavement

Animal Communication Consultation

First connection

To arrange a communication, you will need to email me a photograph and tell me the animal’s name, age and gender.   I will use the photograph to establish an initial connection and determine information such as general characteristics, temperament, and the likes and dislikes of your pet. 

Phone consultation  (30 minutes approx.)

I will relay to you the information that was received during the first connection.  If you are satisfied that this relates to your animal and are happy for me to proceed, I will connect with the animal again to ask any questions you may have.   If it is appropriate, we can then agree on a simple action plan to help resolve the issue or problem of concern.

Follow-up call  (15 minutes)

Two weeks after the consultation to see how you and your animal are progressing.


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