Animal Healing

Negative behaviour patterns in animals are often the result of traumatic or difficult experiences when young. Such behaviours commonly include fear, aggression, nervousness, separation anxiety or jealousy.


This type of healing provides you with a method to:

• Develop the animal’s confidence and trust, dispelling fear and anxiety

• Break the cycle of reaction between owner and animal, which can reinforce the negative behaviour.

• Create a deeper and more fulfilling relationship between you and your pet, built on a solid foundation of trust.

• Teach you how to be the healer, by creating a strong peaceful environment that will calm your pet instantly, quieten their minds and create a mindset that is open to learning new, more positive behaviours.

Animal healing is a truly powerful way to help release old traumas and patterns of negative behaviour. Animals have an amazing capacity to act as our emotional mirrors, so this will be a healing journey for you too.

These sessions are usually arranged in the animal’s home/normal environment and last between 1 ½ – 2 hours. During the first session you will also be shown how to create instant peace of mind for your animal so that when stressful triggers arise in the future you will know exactly how to help.

Price per session: €80 (Leinster area), or €80 + Travel (Petrol) expenses (elsewhere in Ireland).
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