My Reiki Lineage

I am privileged to have been initiated by James French who was initiated himself by the present Lineage Bearer Phyllis Furumoto.

Reiki Healers

Dr. Mikao Usui – The founder of the Usui system of Reiki Healing.   Provoked by the question “how did Jesus perform the miracle of healing” Usui studied extensively until he found the answer to his question deep within himself.



Dr Chujiro Hayashi- After working closely with Dr. Usui he carried the teachings of Reiki on after Usui’s death.



Mrs Hawayo Takata – She continued the lineage after Dr. Hayashi. Her work enabled Reiki to be practised outside of Japan for the first time, and it is she who brought Reiki to the West.



Phyllis Furumoto is the granddaughter of Mrs Takata. She grew with Reiki from a young age until she was ready to train with her grandmother. After Mrs Takata’s death she was recognised as the Lineage Bearer and has developed this with great responsibility.



James French was initiated as a master by Phyllis Furumoto in 2004 at the old residence of Hawayo Takata.  He is committed to teaching the Usui system of healing as taught to him by this direct lineage.



Susannah Kingston – Initiated into Reiki in 2008 and as a practitioner in 2009 by James French.