I’m a huge fan of the work that Susannah does. Her sessions with my 3 cats have resulted in a much more peaceful home environment and genuinely I see a positive difference in them.

H.W, Dublin, January 2019

Susannah has communicated with 12 of my horses. The benefit gained by these horses and the insights gained by me have been overwhelming. From their personality to their likes and dislikes and what makes them tick, the information far exceeded any expectations that I had. I now consider this an absolute must for any horse owner/handler, either for any new horse that comes along or just to do a general check in to make sure all is well with the herd. 100 % satisfaction.

Leona Walsh, January 2019

Susannah has been of invaluable help to my cat Mishoo during our move to Ireland. The consultations have helped us prepare in detail the many steps of a long journey involving different homes and modes of transportation. We could not have been more prepared  – overall a very happy and fearless cat.

A. Bucktowar, November 2017

First of all, Susannah was very professional and organized. The scheduling, even from the US to Ireland, was easy. Then, with the communication with our cat, Emerald, she was spot on. There was no doubt that she was talking with our cat. I thought I was already in tune with our cat but Susannah helped empower us to know her so much better. It really changed our relationship with Emerald. I appreciated how Susannah explained animal communication as something everyone can learn. I also appreciated her explaining when something was beyond her reach or her scope. Susannah also followed up with us for further feedback after the initial session, all was much appreciated. I would definitely recommend her work to others.

Emily & Jeff, California, July 2017

I contacted Susannah for help with our dog, Winnie, who was having issues with aggression.

Susannah provided us with such great insight into Winnie’s feelings and was absolutely spot on with so much of the information she gave me. Since communicating with Susannah, Winnie is definitely more relaxed, sure of herself and connected to us. It’s like, at last, she is being listened to and doesn’t need to “fight” for our attention. Susannah has given me such an insight into the fact that we are all connected, our animals have chosen us for a reason and have come to us with their own special gifts to share in our lives.

Thanks so much Susannah, we’re so glad we found you.

S. Tully, Co. Dublin, July 2017

I just want to get in touch and say that things are going really well with Shelby!  Speaking with you really helped me to understand her better and to advocate for her better. She has also been doing walks with other dogs and a few visits to the training center and she’s done great.  It’s even better with the cats. She still hunts them but they spend a lot more time observing each other quietly which they did not do before. I thank you so much! I am so grateful to you!

L.M, New York, February 2017

I would highly recommend Susannah, if you need an honest and reliable person to help you understand your pet. This was the second time in two years at Susannah communicated with my cat Hector and both times I was impressed with the results. In 2015 Hector had some behavior problems which were resolved after communication with Susannah. I did not hesitate to ask for her help again recently after my cat had an accident, which I did not see happen, only heard some disturbing noise and a loud thump. A vet examined him but was not certain what the problem was, so I asked Susannah to communicate with Hector and try to find out what went on. Like the first time, they had a good connection and the insights she gave me were very helpful in understanding what happened and how to help Hector heal. Thank you, Susannah, you are of great service to both animals and humans!

Bistra, Denmark, February 2017

Susannah has been a wonderful, caring support to me and my Tibetan Mastiff, Damchen. Her communication work helped me understand how to help Damchen adjust to his new living situation, and provided clarity when he was having a difficult moment at the kennel. I will continue to ask for Susannah’s assistance in the future, and have already recommended her highly to friends.

Michaela Ledesma, Co. Clare, January 2017

I cannot recommend Susannah highly enough!! She has communicated with two of my horses and each time has been so accurate if I didn’t know better I would think she had known them for years! She only takes the bare minimum of information about the animal via email, but comes back with things she could not possibly know if she had not genuinely ‘spoken’ to the animal. And this was when all I had done was say hello and introduce myself so there is no possibility she could have picked anything  up from me either!!! Absolutely amazing! Money very well spent!

Gemma Tann, UK, July 2016

I would recommend to anyone who wishes to learn something about their loved animal to contact Susannah for a communication.


D. Stephenson, July 2016