“I have to say, that I was very impressed what came up. I got all the answers to my questions, and a solution from Susannah on how to start working with my beautiful Dogue de Bordeaux. Susannah turned my challenge into a simple daily routine, that I started to practice with immediate results.

I would really recommend to anyone that has any difficulties, or even if not, with their animals, to contact Susannah and get answers to any questions related to the character of their pet, health related, behaviour, what he/she likes or doesn’t like. This will bring a fantastic future experience between you (human) and your pet.

After our phone conversation with Susannah, she sent by email a written report for future reference and extra advice.

Thank you very much Susannah, you may not even realise yourself what a great work you do…

I am very happy, and Nazir acts and feels very happy too.

P.S It didn’t take long until we got very close with Nazir, we can already walk without the lead, he is very good, he is very happy to play with me and the rest of the family, he actually started to listen to me better than my girls :). Really couldn’t expect to have a result as good as this”.

Mr L. Danila, Limerick, March 2016

It was so healing to talk to Susannah after she communicated with my dog.  To hear her talk about her personality and how she felt enabled me to reconnect with her, understand her feelings and start the healing process with her.  She had been neglected of attention since my small children were born and this was manifesting physically.  Within a couple of days of following through with the great advice Susannah gave Biccie’s energy levels began to improve and the sparkle in her eye returned.  I’m so glad to have Susannah help us heal our much loved pet.

Lisa Sheerin, Co. Dublin

Susannah had great insight into the dynamics between me and my four animals who live with me. I was able to understand some of their behaviours better and make adjustments so we could all live in more harmony – and all from a few photographs…it was amazing! Her insights also made me look at my own behaviour reflected back to me through my animals and it has been an interesting journey since. Thanks Susannah.

Clodagh, Co. Clare

At the end of Jan 2013 my horse suffered a potentially fatal trauma. I made a decision at the time to fight for my horse if he wanted to fight for himself. The veterinary outlook was bleak, my horse had three fractures in his fetlock joint but I know my horse and I knew he did not want to give up. Doubting myself I reached out to Susannah to confirm his will to fight. At the beginning I was sceptical but I needed to try everything that I could, after the first reading my scepticism was put to rest. With only a picture, name and age Susannah described to me my horse, his trust issues, his character and most importantly the image of his accident. She taught me how to release his anxieties and how to move forward with him mentally through the healing process. I worked with Susannah over the following months and asked her to check in on him every once in a while to help me assess his feelings and progress, she confirmed his emotional and physical state which helped me assess how to move to move forward with him. My horse had been in a specialist veterinary Hospital for over three months, on his return he was coming back to the site of the trauma, Susannah was able to dispel my fears and confirmed that he was strong enough mentally to return. Through communications Susannah pointed out to me issues that were arising for my horse in his new environment and advised me on how to calm his mind and focus him on his healing. Susannah helped me move forward with his healing when vets could not. When I noticed a change in his spirit she confirmed his slight depression and aided me in a solution which has made a remarkable difference to him. I personally can see the gratitude in his eyes towards me every time he has a communication with Susannah, I cannot even begin to explain the bond we have developed and much of that is to do with Susannah’s communications, which helped me empathise with him on a level that I otherwise could not. I was able to understand his fears, change his environment to suit him and reassure him that he was the decision-maker in his own future and that he would be given every opportunity he needed. I cannot thank Susannah enough, and neither can he.

Kathryn & Richie, Newry

I have a 4-year-old mare in training who was extremely free and excitable. After two treatments with Susannah she improved considerably and has been running very well since. I am happy to recommend her for problem horses.

Arthur Moore, Racing Trainer

Susannah Kingston brings great insights and clarity to animal owners on a level that even the best vets in the country are not attuned to yet.  She does this in a most grounded, practical and well founded way. I employed Susannah’s services as I was concerned about my horse’s health both physically and in terms of his mood.  I was astounded at the accuracy of the communication/feedback which over the following months became even clearer both in terms of Columbo’s health and what most motivated him.  As a result, I’ve been able to accommodate my horse in a way that is more in tune with his natural strengths and look after his health in a more meaningful way.  I would highly recommend Susannah to anybody who wants to get to the core of a health, mental or emotional challenge with their animal and facilitate deep healing.  Susannah is a genuine, true and gifted healer.

Sara Cosgrove

My cat was creating dreadful mischief at home (openly peeing on things, pooping next to his litter tray, etc.).  I was at the end of my tether and asked Susannah to do a reading with him.  Susannah told me he that was frustrated with me and with the new change of being an indoor cat, that he craved the outdoors, new smells, having his paws on grass, sniffing plants, and hated being so dependent on me.  Because of Susannah’s reading, I bought a cat harness and leash and took my cat to the local park and later to the local cafe, where, with his cat box nearby for safety, he sat outdoors watching all the passersby for hours, including the small dogs and loved it all.  I also realised, because of Susannah’s reading, that I should get him neutered, which I had been reluctant to do.  He is now the most loving and clean cat anyone could ever hope for and I am so glad I asked for Susannah’s help.  Her descriptions of his habits, preferences for food, places to sit, etc., were all exactly correct, but more importantly, her advice changed his life, and mine!   So grateful for her work.

Suzanne Connolly, New York

Having a reiki session with Susannah is truly like stepping into another world.  From the moment you enter the beautiful wooden treatment room, a feeling of peace descends – whether this is from the natural wood of the building or the large windows overlooking the lush green garden, where one is almost ‘suspended’ in the trees.  Once settled on the comfortable plinth and covered snuggly with soft blankets, Susannah begins, her healing gift immediately palpable – each time, within a few minutes, I slipped into a state of blissful relaxation barely hearing the soft tones of the music playing in the background.  The result of the session – a very relaxed and positive me! Who wouldn’t want to lie down for an hour and be treated to this wonderful energy?!  I highly recommend it!

Jan Keating

Having received Reiki treatments in the past, I was very much looking forward to my Reiki session with Susannah Kingston and after a hectic week at work, it was well timed. To say I felt like a new woman after receiving Reiki from Susannah is an understatement. The session cleared away a lot of tension that was building up in my body and really helped me in handling a stressful situation. For me, this type of healing allows you to reconnect with your inner sense of calm and this makes Reiki a very effective treatment. Susannah has great integrity in how she conducts her healing and while having had Reiki in the past, I have never felt so much heat from a healer’s hand before. It is with great ease I recommend Susannah and would urge anyone who has not received a Reiki treatment before to try it.

Paula Madigan, Dublin

I’m a busy mum of young children so I find it hard to find quiet time for myself.  This was a wonderful and deeply relaxing experience and I left rejuvenated.  I would highly recommend it.

Yvonne O'Riain