Having received Reiki treatments in the past, I was very much looking forward to my Reiki session with Susannah Kingston and after a hectic week at work, it was well timed. To say I felt like a new woman after receiving Reiki from Susannah is an understatement. The session cleared away a lot of tension that was building up in my body and really helped me in handling a stressful situation. For me, this type of healing allows you to reconnect with your inner sense of calm and this makes Reiki a very effective treatment. Susannah has great integrity in how she conducts her healing and while having had Reiki in the past, I have never felt so much heat from a healer’s hand before. It is with great ease I recommend Susannah and would urge anyone who has not received a Reiki treatment before to try it.

Paula Madigan, Dublin

I’m a busy mum of young children so I find it hard to find quiet time for myself.  This was a wonderful and deeply relaxing experience and I left rejuvenated.  I would highly recommend it.

Yvonne O'Riain